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Science Centre Singapore’s Visual SG Showcased Project Water by CUTE Center
About the Event

Visual SG is a festival with a focus on data and visualisation by Science Centre Singapore. Through strong compelling visuals, the festival celebrates the insights that data can bring not just to researchers but to our everyday lives; and through visualisation, we show that science is beautiful. The festival, held in Science Centre Singapore, highlights the techniques and technologies that are being used to bring data visualisation to the fore.

The the second run of Visual SG runs from 20 to 22 November 2015, and the theme of the festival is on “Insights” – In an age awash with data, we need to examine how data can be harnessed to transform and add value to our live. Visual data will increasingly play a key role in the determination of our dependence and interaction with data. Insights gleaned from visual data will allow us to connect the dots and drive integrated solutions.

Project Water is one of the featured project in Visual SG 2015. Project Water is a collaborative project involving the Keio-NUS CUTE Center and Science Centre Singapore, to understand learning impacts of technology in museum settings. By playing this Augmented Reality (AR) game, players can learn about how water can be recycled through purification processes. The gameplay data is sent to CUTE and analyzed using WildAR produce insights on how learning can be achieved through AR games.


Visitors playing with Project Water

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