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We do R&D on cross disciplinary problems related to data science/analytics, social media, IoT, AR/VR, and innovative hardware gadgets.


As a distributed deep-learning system featuring an architecture that supports both synchronous and asynchronous training frameworks, SINGA is capable of training large models over big datasets.

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SSI values the engagement with its partners and collaborators as we develop digital media technologies, transforming and reshaping the industry. Our pool of talented researchers, engineers and designers will work with you to develop innovative solutions which will make a difference to your business.

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Smart Systems Institute
National University of Singapore
3 Research Link
Innovation 4.0, #06-01
Singapore 117602

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Ms Chong Pui San, Tricia
Associate Director
Tel: 6516 7513
Email: idmcpst@nus.edu.sg
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For any project enquiries, please leave us a message at idmproject@nus.edu.sg