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Smart Sail
Visualizing performance on the sail!
Visualizing performance on the sail!

SmartSail visually enhances the changes of the surface of the sail on the sail itself to reduce the user’s mental workload and displays the situation (efficiency of force on the sail, such as shivering, when wind force cannot be obtained, which causes a stall) to the spectators watching from long distance.


Smart Sail allows beginners to graduate smoothly from relying heavily on augmented feedback (the colors or blinking patterns) to attending more to the other visual feedback (e.g., the position of the sails themselves) that real sailors use without altering the focus of their attention.


传统的帆船竞赛很难给观众带来乐趣和激情。未来航行需要科学的 方法来提高船员的航行技术,而不是单纯依赖个人经验和感觉。我 们开发了高精度传感器和索具来追踪船员的位置和表现,并为观众 提供实时比赛信息服务。 我们的愿景是利用最先进的技术,提升帆船运动项目在未来的地位 和民众参与度。

联系方式:Koh Sueda <idmks@nus.edu.sg>

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