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Ninja Track
Shape-Changing Interface
About NinjaTrack

Ninja Track is a shape-changing user interface based on a double-hinge structure. This patented design is able to change the structure’s shape and flexibility physically, and allows to embed electric components. By using this technology, we are able to create a multi functional controller such as a swiss army knife.

We are now exploring its commercial values with various collaborators.

By collaborating with Singapore-based startup company, Minds N Hands, WIZ was born as the world first shape-changing controller for gamers and game developers. It was exhibited at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2016 San Francisco and won popularity among attendees. It will release in 2017.

See also: WIZ Official Site and Interview at GDC 2016


ReelBlade is an arcade-type game prototype using Ninja Track Sword Controller. This prototype was exhibited at various game shows in Asia such as Tokyo Game Show 2015, and won the Best Technological Game Award (Tokyo Game Show Sense of Wonder Night 2015). The software side was developed by our collaborator, SUTD Game Lab.

See also: ReelBlade Official Site and Interview by WIRED at Tokyo Game Show 2015

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